We provide museum quality services related to the care and maintenance of photographic collections for both individual collectors and institutional clientele. Below is an overview of some of the services we provide. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs. In addition to photographic collections, we appraise photographic books and book collections.

  • Collection Management and Curatorial Services: We offer advice to private clients about how to frame and hang the collection, proper storage and conservation techniques. In addition, we can curate homes from the existing collection. We can produce a special edition book or catalogue of your holdings.

  • Cataloging Services: We can develop the right database for your needs, such as insurance schedules. We will gather all the details for each photograph (Title, date, size, condition, provenance, exhibition history if known, etc.) and enter this information into a database with digital images for each piece. We can also appraise each piece as it is entered into the database and generate a report containing customized information. This database can be maintained at our office or at the client's home or office.

  • Auction Services: We are available to preview works for sale in person at most photography auction houses or over the telephone with the catalogs. Included in this service is full pre-sale research, comparable sales research and purchasing at the auctions.